About Us

Boots made with a singular goal in mind, to help tradespeople stay “Un Paso Adelante” - one step ahead in life.

Our Story

Texas Country Best Cowboy BootsSeventeen Stores in Texas. Texas Country was born out of an understanding of what the hardest working men and women need on their feet.

You see, we’re passionate about great boots. Not just the kind you wear to the local honky-tonk, although we make those too.

We’re talking about the type of boots that won’t leave your feet aching after a hard day’s work. Boots that are made from the best quality leather you can find. Boots that won’t take your entire paycheck when you buy them.

To realize our goal, we spent time getting to know the types of leather and boot making styles that would benefit our customers. We took these styles, pieces of wisdom, and mixed them with the best materials available to create our Texas Country boots.

With a dedication to superior customer service, attention to detail, and high-quality materials, we make sure you get the boots you need.

Why Choose Our Boots

Texas Country Boots Gomez Western WearWe have 17 stores in Texas. Whether you’re a paramedic, construction crew member, mechanic, electrician, or rancher, our boots are made to stand up to whatever you put them through. Even our dress boots are the result of hard work. And just like you, we never shy away from hard work. That’s why every stitch, every detail, and every piece of leather is designed for comfort, style, and functionality.

Our Process

For over 20 years, we have been hand-making boots in the heart of the world’s artisan boot-making epicenter, Leon Mexico.

  • To make sure every boot meets our high standards, we work with exclusive manufacturers who produce the world’s finest materials.
  • Once our bootmakers have the materials in hand, they get to work laying down each design.
  • Immediately following this, our boots are hand-stitched by artisans with years of experience.

Discover the world’s most comfortable, high-quality boot when you shop at Gomez Western Wear.

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